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Why Condo?

Maybe a better question is "why not a condo?"  Owning a desert condo is a great way to experience all the fun, excitement, and relaxation that the desert has to offer. And there are as many reasons for owning a desert condo as there are condos in the desert, for example:

CONVENIENCE - How fast can you say "lock and go?"  With a condo, that`s all it takes...simply lock the door and be on your way! You don`t have to worry about who`s going to keep the swimming pool clean or mow the lawn, it`s all taken care of for you.  Owning a desert condo is the ultimate in living the carefree desert lifestyle.

COST - Since desert condos are currently available for less than $99,000 there`s no reason not to get one for yourself.  And as a memeber of a homeowner`s association your maintenance costs are also a lot lower than they would be if you owned a house.  All the way around a condo makes perfect economic sense.

DIVERSITY OF OPTIONS - Whether you`re looking for a 300 square foot cozy studio or a 3,000 square foot elegant estate there are a world of options with desert condos. Whatever your taste and budget there is something for everybody with a desert condo.

AMENITIES - Bored with your house`s swimming pool? How about your choice of 15!  Being a part of a condominium association you can pick and choose the amenities that are important to you...pools, spas, gym, clubhouse, tennis, racquetball, golf, gated community, etc.  Whatever you`re looking to do there is certainly a condo community that will fit the bill.

APPEARANCE - Imagine a world where the grass is always mowed, the trees are trimmed, the pool is clean, the grounds are immaculate, and you`re done nothing to make it all look like that!  Welcome to condo living, where things look great all the time and are always in working order.  It`s like living at a resort 24/7!

SENSE OF COMMUNITY - For you social butterfilies a desert condo is a great way to go. There are bound to be people at the pool/spa, playing tennis, or simply walking the grounds.  It`s easy to strike up a conversation and make new friends. And as an added bonus the fact that there are others nearby also adds to a feeling of security.

Whatever you`re looking for in a living situation you`re sure to find it with a desert condo!